Casually Addicted came to be in January 2012, built on a foundation of passion for games in all shapes and sizes.  Whether it be the biggest Xbox blockbuster or the newest free to play game that may take the world by storm, our aim is to be there and tell it like it is.

Editor-In-Chief and lover of all things Sega, Craig deals with almost everything you read on the site.  Whether it be from himself or a guest post Craig will scrutinise almost every aspect of editorial.

While his gaming tastes started with Sonic 3 on the Mega Drive they’ve expanded over time to include almost everything.  But it’s the console and handheld space that drives the passion for Craig.

Chief of Media Operation/Executive Editor Alex is in charge of all the lovely features and pretty pictures on the site.  From our top 25 to slider pictures, everything colourful about the site probably reflects Alex’s personality (debatable).

A keen Halo head, Alex eagerly anticipates Master Chief’s every move as well being the only man in existence to actually like the Green Lantern movie.

Joe pretty much runs the whole site, while you won’t seen his name appear on many articles Mr magic moments is what makes the site tick a healthy beat.

An experienced man when it comes to the latest in PC gaming, you’ll often see Joe playing the latest and greatest MMO when he’s not taking the site to the next level.

Robbie Hastings

Robbie is an Executive Editor here at Casually Addicted, whilst Robbie isn’t writing breaking news faster than Sonic himself, he is surly playing one of the latest games on the market!