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If you’re unfamiliar with who Deadpool is then his first game might come as a bit of a shock, this absolutely bonkers game staring none other than Deadpool himself. It truly delivers on what he’s all about; boobies, dub-step and mayhem. This being said Deadpool might not appeal to everyone, if you’re not a fan of the vulgar language, inappropriate cut scenes and things that don’t really make sense then you may want to stay away.

Deadpool is the one character in the Marvel universe that doesn’t really care about anything, having the ability to regenerate any wound (just like Wolverine) leaves him practically immortal. In the game you’ll experience all 3 of Deadpool’s personalities, they’re all as crazy as the last and they’re all brought to life through Nolan North, who’s managed to do something that we have never really seen before, give Deadpool a voice that fits perfectly. One of the main things that Deadpool is known for is breaking the fourth wall and talking to the reader or in this case the player, there will be copious amounts of jokes and stupid gags but it truly had me laughing throughout most of the game.

Deadpool slit 1Deadpool slit 2The very beginning of the game see’s you hanging out in Deadpool’s apartment and can you go around and interact with various things and to be honest it is one of the best moments in the game, you get to simply be Deadpool and what an experience it is. There will be trophies and achievements popping all over the place too, you get one for standing up and then you get another because Deadpool acknowledged you got a trophy. All silly jokes aside the game moves on through various levels as Deadpool is out to make his own game.

There isn’t anything imaginative about the level designs or half of the enemies you’ll fight, at points in the game there will even be parts of the map that haven’t been designed yet and it’s all to add to Deadpool’s joke pool. The combat isn’t terrible either, it might seem a little mindless as you can pretty much button bash and you will win on the normal and easy difficulties.

There are four different guns, three types of melee weapons and a variety of grenades and assorted land mines etc. Guns and melee weapons can be combined to make some pretty cool combos, momentum can be built up and stored to unleash crazy moves depending which weapon you have equipped.

Again for the most part you wont need to do anything fancy to survive, saying that the hard mode has a bit of a jump, but part of the beauty with this combat is to simply watch Deadpool fight, he will stand on one hand whilst firing the shotgun through his legs whilst upside down! You are rewarded DP (Deadpool points) which will allow you to earn upgrades for your weapons and Deadpool himself, the higher the combos the more points you earn. Now this wouldn’t be a Deadpool game without stealth right? Because Deadpool is super stealthy. Well don’t you worry because there is stealth in this game, you’ll feel like Solid Snake himself hunting down your targets, okay well maybe not like that but there is a humorous attempt at stealth combat which offers moments of fun throughout the levels.

The last challenge in the game is a lot harder than anything else and it might come as a shock to some as to how hard it actually is, you end up needing to run around a lot chopping down all the enemies that come your way with little help from checkpoints and after this last challenge it is all set and done.

High Moon and Nolan North have done a great job at bringing Deadpool to life. You’ll see the occasional cameo from certain marvel characters mainly from the X-MEN series and again it is simply hilarious to watch Deadpool interact with them because he just couldn’t care less about anything as long as he is doing it his way. As for the story it’s fairly flimsy, you seem to go from one place to another trying to kill Sinister but you’re often broken away from combat for “boobie honking” as Deadpool would delicately put it and other than some other moments that might make your stomach turn. That being said the story does get slightly stale for a point but thankfully Nolan North is able to carry this game to the end.

Other than the story there are several challenge maps where you will simply kill waves of enemies, none of them will take any longer than five minutes, the maps are pretty much duplicated from the story levels. So you’re looking at no more than 6/7 hours for the story and you could squeeze another hour out of the challenge maps, it might not sounds like a lot but it’s a rather entertaining ride.

If you’re a fan of Deadpool you’ll have a awesome time playing through this game, Deadpool is portrayed exactly how I imagine he would be and Nolan North truly gave it his all and did Deadpool justice. It is wacky, makes no sense and offers fans of the series a chance to see Deadpool in a video game. If you aren’t a huge Deadpool nut then you may not truly understand why everything just seems so insane, the levels aren’t designed well, the script is pretty linear but that’s okay because Deadpool is done to perfection, you just have to accept him for what he is.


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