Dark Souls 2

Last night at the VGA 2012 awards we didn’t get a whole lot of surprises but there was one game that made a fresh appearance and that was Dark Souls 2.  If your familiar with Dark Souls or Demons Souls you will know that yet another ridiculously painful game is on the way, purely because of its cut throat difficulty and punishment for death.

Whilst the trailer doesn’t give much away, the Dark Souls II website shows that it will be returning to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC but no dates have been given as of yet. The question is already being asked weather this will be next-gen but at this point in time we can only speculate.

The publisher later said “Dark Souls 2 will offer loyal fans exactly the kind of demanding challenges and never-ending struggle that became the hallmark of this whole series,” which is music to my ears. My only question is why they have gone with Dark Souls II opposed to a new name, like they did with Demons Souls, but who knows.

Check the trailer out below and let us know what you think, make sure you stay locked to Casually Addicted for all the upcoming news on Dark Souls 2. #

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Dark Souls II Announced
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