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The latest Tomb Raider trailer is here and the game is shaping up very well.

Lara Croft is taken back to her roots as developers Crystal Dynamics try to reboot the Tomb Raider franchise.

Miss Croft is stranded on a dangerous island and survival is key, the footage above shows Lara at her weakest during any point in the series.

There are some obvious nods to the Uncharted series throughout and it’s ironic how the Uncharted series is now inspiring the franchise it initially took it’s queues from.

But the big question is whether Crystal Dynamics can maintain the Tomb Raider style, add in a bit of Uncharted and make it a unique enough experience.  It’s a big job but from what we’ve seen so far things are looking promising.

Keep it locked to Casually Addicted in the build up to Tomb Raider’s release in March 2013.

New Tomb Raider trailer goes to Uncharted lengths…
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  1. By Craig Shields

    I agree. I hope it catches parts of Uncharted but they manage to adapt it well to the survival feel this Tomb Raider is clearly hoping to go for.

    116 weeks ago | | Reply
  2. By doubleblue02

    Looks like an action-survival game now with a lot more ‘Uncharted’ dramatic moments. Hopefully it can still retain some of the individual quiet exploration that I really loved, and were what made the earlier TR games a great experience.

    116 weeks ago | | Reply

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