With the PlayStation 4 now out in the open it’s time to round-up all the news surrounding Sony’s new console.  On this page we’ll link every single news article and opinion piece we have on the PS4, so be sure to come back here for updates through the day.

Pictures of the DualShock 4 and Dual Camera revealed

Sony elaborates on PlayStation 4 specifications

Killzone: Shadow Fall reveal and trailer

inFAMOUS: Second Son announcement, synopsis and trailer 

Drive Club from Evolution Studios

New Final Fantasy game for PS4 incoming

Capcom developing dark fantasy title Deep Down for PS4

PlayStation 4 set to launch ‘Holiday 2013′ but “Too early to say” for European date

PlayStation 4 will NOT block used games and will NOT require an always on connection

PlayStation 4 Bullet Points: See all the next-gen news in one handy place – here
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