A re-imagining of the fan-favorite stealth action seriesThief is on the way, and Game Informer has the scoop.

Developed by Eidos Montreal and published by Square Enix, Thief is set to hit PlayStation 4 and Windows PC in 2014, with versions under development for unannounced next-generation hardware as well.

Series protagonist Garrett is back for the first time since Looking Glass Studios released Thief: Deadly Shadows on PC and the original Xbox in 2004. It is set within an sprawling medieval settlement known called “the City,” overflowing with political intrigue and consumed by a deadly plague. Like previous entries in the series, the City will be filled with branching paths and potential hazards. Garrett must make use of his aptitude for combat and thievery to overcome these perils.

For more information, keep a look out for the April issue of Game Informer on newsstands over the next couple of weeks, or subscribe digitally to start reading now.

SOURCE Game Informer

Thief reboot revealed by Game Informer; coming to PC, PS4, other next-gen hardware in 2014
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