It appears that thanks to a Game Informer leak, the first title from EA’s Respawn Studio, which features remnants of Infinity Ward will be TitanFall. More intriguingly it will only appear on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.


TitanFall is a first person shooter that will also feature large mechs called ‘Titans’. These Titans can be operated by the player and are both fast and agile, making them difficult targets for ground based players.

It also looks like there won’t be a traditonal single player campaign. But confirmed modes so far include regular multiplayer and campaign multiplayer.

The game will also feature some Smartglass and Kinect integration.

TitanFall is set for release in Spring of 2014, we should find out more at Microsoft’s E3 press conference which is set for Monday June 10th.

TitanFall is Respawn’s first game, only available on Xbox One, 360 and PC
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