If you are interested in giving Dota 2 a go but you aren’t willing to pay the £22.99 on Steam, well you could be in luck because we are giving away over 15 copies to some lucky Casually Addicted fans.

If you want to be in with a chance of receiving your free copy through steam then all you have to do is like us on Facebook and leave us a comment below telling us who your favorite Dota character is as well as your email or steam username (if you don’t wish this information to be public email us at [email protected]).

We will be giving these copies away on a first come first serve basis so get your comments in and we will send you the copy within a day if you are chosen! Good luck and happy gaming.

Update :

We have run out of free copies to give away, however you can get a copy for £0.02 on the steam market place by following these instructions:

  1. open up the Steam Application.
  2. Navigate to Community.
  3. While in Community there should be a sub menu with the following: Friends, Profile etc. You need to click on the item that says ‘Market’.
  4. Once in the Market you should be able to see a list of items, DOTA 2 should be one of these with it’s price starting at £0.02 (virtually free).
  5. Purchase / download the game from here to receive your free copy of DOTA 2.
Want to play DOTA 2 for free? We are giving away free copies.
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Post by Alex Sodhi

Alex is one of the founding members of Casually Addicted. When Alex isn't yapping away about Halo or wishing that Chromehounds 2 would be made, he likes to make all the amazing photos and pictures for Casually Addicted. Follow Alex on Google + and Twitter @AlexSodhi.
  1. By rockheadjoey

    could u pls send me a key??? i’m dying to play dota 2 T_T
    Thanks…..antimage is my favorite

    106 weeks ago | | Reply
  2. By rockheadjoey

    could u pls send me a key??? i’m dying to play dota 2 T_T
    my favorite hero is mortred…..thanks

    106 weeks ago | | Reply
  3. By Ronald

    MY fav char is mirana Steam: RHON_ALJ_PH

    106 weeks ago | | Reply
  4. By Ronald

    MY FAV char is Mirana

    106 weeks ago | | Reply
  5. By Maknyos

    give me 1 plss..
    steam: makNYOSe

    109 weeks ago | | Reply
  6. Unfortunately we have now run out of free copies of DOTA 2 to give away, however if your willing to pay £/$/€ 0.02 then it’s yours! just follow the instructions at the bottom of the post.

    109 weeks ago | | Reply
  7. By Ceyhun

    steam ıd:dayrus99
    Give Me:)

    110 weeks ago | | Reply
    • By Dblasphemy

      my steam id is ReaCryon
      no fav is..
      i really need to play this game..

      109 weeks ago | | Reply
  8. By lukas

    Favorite Hero – stanjer
    Steam ID: brb198

    110 weeks ago | | Reply
  9. By khimi

    my fav hero is drow ranger -Traxex
    please give me dota key…
    Steam = khimi1

    110 weeks ago | | Reply
    • Hi Khimi, Unfortunately we have just run out of codes. You can follow the instruction on the post above to receive your own copy of DOTA 2 for virtually nothing

      110 weeks ago | | Reply
  10. By khimi

    my fav hero is Drow Ranger – Traxex
    Please give me dota 2 key…
    Steam = khimi1
    please give me dota key

    110 weeks ago | | Reply
  11. By Danse6

    Favorite Hero – Ranger
    Steam ID: Danse6

    Any key would be greatly appreciated.

    110 weeks ago | | Reply
  12. By luke

    sodhi4 Chaos Knight.

    111 weeks ago | | Reply
  13. By Hooks

    I would appreciate a code to play dota 2 … my steam id is hooksandcrooks
    PS i dun have any favorite heroes, i play all :)

    111 weeks ago | | Reply
    • You should have received the game now
      have fun!

      111 weeks ago | | Reply
  14. By Alonso

    My favorite character is Axe

    Stean account: alonsov00

    111 weeks ago | | Reply
  15. By jhan

    gracias por el regalo

    111 weeks ago | | Reply
  16. By Gauge

    Would love an invite if available
    Steam name is BlazeYaHomie

    111 weeks ago | | Reply
    • Sent the game to the specified email address, enjoy!

      111 weeks ago | | Reply
  17. By BooM

    My Favorite champ is viper :)
    Steam: §BooM!§
    Ty :)

    111 weeks ago | | Reply
  18. By ~Unreal~

    Thank you very much for the gift. :)

    111 weeks ago | | Reply
  19. By Luke

    Hi the names luke and my favorite Dota2 character is Riki. My steam account is lpitts1384.


    111 weeks ago | | Reply
  20. By Migas94

    My favorite character is Viper and my Steam account is VG | Migas .
    Thank you ;)

    111 weeks ago | | Reply
  21. By josh

    i love blood seeker and would appreciate if you could provide me with a key so i can play and bloodlust!

    111 weeks ago | | Reply
  22. By josh

    i am best with blood seeker
    please provide me with a key, thanks, so i can bloodlust away!

    111 weeks ago | | Reply
  23. By greenspace11

    Hey, can you send me a copy of Dota 2 on steam please? It would be great if you did. My steam username is greenspace11 I really wanna play it, thanks!!!!

    111 weeks ago | | Reply
  24. By Skullman85

    i wish to receive a key please,
    my favorite hero is : Dark Terror

    111 weeks ago | | Reply
  25. By xin xin

    Hi, my favorite DOTA character is the Drow Ranger

    111 weeks ago | | Reply
    • Hi Xin Xin I need your steam username or email to send you the game as a gift.

      111 weeks ago | | Reply
  26. By xin xin

    I need it plsss

    111 weeks ago | | Reply
  27. By Ryan

    My favorite character is the Chaos Knight.


    111 weeks ago | | Reply
  28. By jhan

    mi personaje favorito es jakiro
    porfavo envienme una copia

    111 weeks ago | | Reply
  29. By jhan

    mi personaje favorito es jakiro

    111 weeks ago | | Reply
  30. By Tim

    Hi, my favorite DOTA character is the Keeper of the Light. Steam: FrogskinBlanket

    111 weeks ago | | Reply
  31. By xHalt

    Nice action. Cheers!

    > who your favorite Dota character is
    That would be Viper.

    111 weeks ago | | Reply

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